September 2020 - DYNALLOY, Inc. announces new multi-functional Self-Crimps to allow easier prototyping. Experiment with different lengths faster!

June 2020 - DYNALLOY, Inc. announces a new family of Clydesdale Actuators(tm) enabling new advancements in thermal safety. Displace up to 300 pounds of force when exposed to ambient temperatures between 100-150C.

October 2018 - DYNALLOY, Inc. is pleased to collaborate again with Dr. Alfred David Johnson of TiNi Alloy Company to continue the pursuit of using Shape Memory Alloys to recover low grade waste heat and transform it into usable energy. In 2010 Dynalloy introduced production of an educational version of Dr. Alfred David Johnson's early SMA heat engine which he invented in the late 1970's. Today we are pleased to be working with him towards more industrial versions. Ultimately something the world would greatly benefit from.

September 2018 - DYNALLOY, Inc. to meet increasing customer sales has increased capacity up to 100% on many of its standard crimp lines. This process of specially crimping a robust electrical and mechanical connection helps many of our customers by making the measurement and assembly process more intuitive.

October 2017 - DYNALLOY, Inc. Releases a Fall 2017 Newsletter, including Flexinol®+ Actuator Wire and New Customer Products

June 2017 - DYNALLOY, Inc. receives ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification from BSI Group America, Inc. Making excellence a habit!

November 2016 - DYNALLOY, Inc. through CASMART supports the 2017 Student Design Challenge.

November 2016 - DYNALLOY, Inc. sponsors and participates in the 2017 RoboGames.

June 2015 - DYNALLOY, Inc. receives ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification from BSI Group America, Inc., reiterating DYNALLOY, Inc. management committment to holding the highest quality standards and ongoing process improvement.

March 2015 - DYNALLOY, Inc. contributes article on shape memory alloy technology in the March 2015 issue of Appliance Design "Shape Memory Alloys Continue to Improve the Future". As the technology is used successfully in more industries, appliances applications are also benefiting from the advantages.

November 2014 - DYNALLOY, Inc. completes gap audit for ISO certification. Findings keep schedule for ISO certification Q1 2015. DYNALLOY, Inc. is targeting BSI as the official registrar.

September 2013 - DYNALLOY, Inc. announces the In-Tube End Link Actuator for Double Stroke. The In-Tube End Link Actuator is an excellent solution for overcoming the challenge of confined product packaging. Two Flexinol® actuator wires in a specially designed tube can double the stroke and related work output.

February 2013 - DYNALLOY, Inc. in collaboration with GM Advanced R&D announce another improved automotive component using SMA technology. This product a next generation hatch vent allows the air to easily release from the trunk as the lid closes. Dynalloy continues to collaboratively develop solutions to reach their objectives. As a result, GM has earned over 200 patents over the course of five years using our combined knowledge and expertise to push the limits.

March 2012 - DYNALLOY, Inc. Teams Up with USC Professor to Manufacture the Freedom Flow(tm) II an electric urinary leg bag emptier, the only leg bag emptier that comes completely wireless and gives quadriplegics the independence to drain their own leg bags with just a small remote control. This is made possible by using Flexinol® actuator wires in a pinch valve mechanism. The designers of this product, Behrokh Khoshnevis and Mori Fatehi, and Dynalloy teamed up in spring of 2012 to pursue manufacturing, marketing, and selling the Freedom Flow II. It remains an extremely rewarding effort because it improves quality of life. Testimonials from users express their excitement.
Learn more about this product at: www.freedom-flow.com.

May 2011 - DYNALLOY, Inc. Releases 2nd Gen Electrostem(tm) Air Valve The original Electrostem(tm) air valve was first sold in 2001 as a demonstration to show how Flexinol® can create proportionally controlled airflow in a pneumatic valve. Today, Dynalloy releases the new and improved Electrostem(tm) II. While the Electrostem(tm) II started off as a demonstration valve, it has been used in many applications as a complete and working product. With airflow as high as 75 PSI (5.1 Bars), it has been used in industries as diverse as musical instruments and art shows, to consumer products and appliances.

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